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Trial Subscriptions

Trial subscriptions are granted to the University by publishers to allow us to explore these resources. Please visit this page frequently to see what new databases we are trialling at any time. 

Also, if you have need for one of these resources, then please let us know, and if circumstances allow, we will consider purchasing a full subscription. If you have any problems or questions regarding access to these databases, please contact



These links give you temporary access to subscriptions, usually until the date listed; let us know if you find it useful or not.


AccessPediatrics is a pediatrics education and training resource featuring leading pediatrics textbooks, multimedia, Q&A, algorithms, case studies, and more.


Bentham Science Online (Feb 8 - May 8 2017)

Bentham Science is a major STM journal publisher of 100 plus peer-reviewed print and online scientific, technical and medical journals. 


DynaMed Plus (Jan 23 - Feb 22 2017)

DynaMed Plus is an evidence-based information resource used by physicians around the world to answer clinical questions quickly and easily. DynaMed Plus includes thousands of topics covering emergency medicine, cardiology, oncology, infectious diseases, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology and much more. The DynaMed Plus also can be accessed through your mobile devices.


Filmakers Library Online: Second Edition

Filmakers Library Online provides award-winning documentaries with relevance across the curriculum—race and gender studies, human rights, globalization and global studies, multiculturalism, international relations, criminal justice, the environment, bioethics, health, political science and current events, psychology, arts, literature, and more. It presents points of view and historical and current experiences from diverse cultures and traditions world-wide.


MEDLINE complete (Jan 23 - Feb 22 2017)

The largest companion to the MEDLINE index, this full-text database provides access to top-tier biomedical and health journals. Covering a wide range of subjects, it is an essential resource for doctors, nurses, health professionals and researchers engaged in clinical care, public health and health policy development. Обзор СМИ – это уникальный русскоязычный проект иформационного обеспечения, соединяющий в себе удобства справочной системы, серьезной экономической газеты и аналитического журнала. Мониторинг промышленности и услуг в России и за рубежом, через СМИ и интернет-сервисы. Каталог ведущих официальных сайтов по странам и отраслям. Полмиллиона важных сообщений сотен газет и информагентств за 15 лет в базе данных он-лайн, с тщательным редакционным отбором сюжетов ежедневно.


SMART Imagebase  (Jan 23 - Feb 22 2017)

Download thousands of medical illustrations, videos, interactive tools, and monographs of anatomy, physiology, embryology, surgery, trauma, pathology, diseases, conditions and other topics.