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Nazarbayev University Library FAQs


Library Access and Borrowing 


Who can use the library?


The library is open to all the students, faculty members and staff of Nazarbayev University. Graduate students and professors from other universities may apply for a temporary user card. To do this, please contact the library by phone (+7 (7172) 70-62-55) or email (library@nu.edu.kz).


When is the library open?


The library is open 8:30 – 21.45 Monday through Friday, and 11.00 – 19:45 on Saturdays and Sundays.


The library is usually closed on national holidays and we will announce any closures approximately a week ahead of time.


What languages are library materials in?


Most library materials are in English since it is the language of instruction at NU. The collection also includes a growing number of resources in Kazakh and Russian. The library prioritizes materials in these three languages. However, exceptions may be made if a pressing need exists for a critical or original edition of a work in another language.

What kinds of materials does the library have?


The library collection includes: books, electronic books, audiobooks, DVDs, e-readers, and periodicals/journals.  


The library’s print periodical collection mainly includes English, Russian, and Kazakh newspapers and magazines. You can see the list of all print periodicals we subscribe to here. English-language academic journals within our collection are only accessible online via databases.  


Am I allowed to borrow books and other materials from the library? For how long? 


All NU users are allowed to borrow library materials.


Faculty may check out books for 6 months at a time and renew them once more for 6 more months. If after 56 calendar days, another patron requests the book, it must be returned to the library.


Other patrons may check out books for 14 days at a time and renew them up to 3 times.


Book limits are as follows:


Faculty: 25


Graduate Students: 10


Undergraduate Students: 5 (except for textbooks issued for the semester)


Other Employees: 5


Exceptions to the above:


·         CDs (other than those that accompany a print book), periodicals, and DVDs have a 3 day loan period.


·     New issues of print periodicals, geographic maps, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and materials marked “For Reference Only” are unable to be checked out at any time.


·         Books put aside on short loan shelves are only to be used on the same floor for a 2 hour period.


How can I borrow materials from the library?


Register: Your NU card is also your library card. The first time you come to the library you will need to register your card. We also ask that you register every time you come to the library to help maintain accurate statistics. Simply go to one of the self-checkout machines on the 2nd or 3rd floor, select Register, and follow the steps.


Self-Checkout for Books: To avoid line ups at the desk, please check out and return books using the self-checkout. Once a book has been returned, leave the book on the table next to the self-checkout machine.


Circulation Desk for All Other Library Materials: DVDs, CDs, print magazines and periodicals, CD players, and e-readers must be checked out and returned at the circulation desk.


Textbooks: You will receive instructions before each semester about where and when to pick up your textbooks. If you need to pick up a textbook after issuing is finished, please talk with your subject librarian.


How do I renew items I’ve checked out?


You can renew library items through your account on the library website. Log in and click on your name at the top right of the website. Then click on My Account and you will see a button labelled Renew. Library items are not able to be renewed on the due date, or once they are overdue. Materials other than books (ie. DVDs) cannot be renewed online.


Library items can only be renewed from the circulation desk if you have the items with you.


Why is my library account blocked? How can I unblock it?


Library accounts are automatically blocked once items are overdue. The only way to unblock your account is to bring the overdue materials directly to the circulation desk in the library.


Can I print/copy/scan my work?


Library users can use our professional scanner free of charge. Printing and photocopying are available for additional fee. Look at the Services section of our website to learn more.


Printing, copying and scanning of books must be done in accordance with local and international copyright law, and also in accordance with the University Library Charter. It is really important that you do not break books' spines and otherwise damage materials in the process of copying works. Also there are restrictions on copying rare, fragile or older materials. Our reference librarians will be happy to help you should require assistance with any of this.

Finding Materials in the Library


How do I find materials in the library?


Use the main Library Search box on the NU Library home page to find materials located in the library. If you know the title of the resource, it is best to click on the Advanced Search option and select Title from the dropdown menu. Once you’ve found a resource you’d like to check out, write down the Call Number.


The 2nd floor of the library has: materials with call numbers that begin from A, B, C, H, J, K, L, Q, U, V, Z, CD Players, and e-readers.


The 3rd floor of the library has: materials with call numbers that begin from D, E, F, G, M, N, P, R, S, T, CD/DVDs, audiobooks, and print periodicals. 


At any time, feel free to ask our reference librarians for help who will happily point you in the right direction.


The book I am reading says it comes with a CD/DVD. Where can I find it?


Please bring the book to the circulation desk and our librarians will be happy to help you.


It says there are copies of the books I want on the shelf but I don’t see them there. Where can I find them?


The catalog does not show when a book has been put aside to be issued as a textbook for classes or on a short loan shelf. Please ask us for assistance if you are having trouble finding something.


Electronic Resources


How can I access electronic databases?


Using your NU login, you can access electronic resources from any computer – on or off campus. On campus, the computers prompt you to log in before you can use them. Off campus, log in via the library home page.


Where did this online resource go?


Occasionally, resources are withdrawn because they are no longer available, no longer free, or we had a trial subscription and it expired. If you would like us to reinstate a resource, please let us know.


Can someone show me how to use electronic databases?


Our Subject and Reference librarians hold training sessions during the semester to teach students how to use electronic databases. Please follow our Announcements. You can also contact us at any time to schedule additional training individually or in a group - reference@nu.edu.kz.

For a quick help use Ask a Librarian service.


I found an article I want but NU doesn’t have access to it. Is there a way that I can get a copy?


Faculty, staff and graduate students are able to request articles that are not available through NU by emailing interlibraryloan@nu.edu.kz. Information about Interlibrary loan service.


Is there Wi-Fi at the library?


Yes, feel free to connect using your laptop, mobile phone or other portable device. If you are having difficulty accessing Wi-Fi, please email the IT helpdesk: helpdesk@nu.edu.kz


Library Computers


Does the library have computers that I can use?


Yes, there are computers on the second and third floors that anyone can use. Simply login using the same username and password you use to log in to the library website. 


Why can't I open the website I need?


In the absence of technical failings, it may be that the site that you require is automatically blocked on the University network to prevent users from accidentally accessing illegal or unsavory materials. If a site that you require access to for legitimate academic purposes appears to be blocked, then please send a request to helpdesk@nu.edu.kz with the site address and basic information about its contents.


Can I install software or program updates on a library computer?


Only IT department can do this.


Research Help 


What research help does the library offer?


The library regularly holds sessions to train students, faculty, and staff on how to use the library, e-resources, citation software tools, researching bibliometrics, how to evaluate online sources, and other topics. Please follow our Announcements for the schedule. You can also contact us for an individual or group session on a specific topic.


Ordering Textbooks


How do I order textbooks?


Please contact your Subject Librarian for assistance. 


When should I order textbooks by?


The Fall semester textbook request deadline is March 1st, and the Spring semester deadline is September 10th.


How can I make a textbook package?


Please be aware that there are procedures in place to ensure proper distribution of textbooks to all undergraduate students. In order for students to receive their textbooks, the professor of the course must create a textbook package. No textbooks will be issued to students without a package. Please be sure to send a list of books you will be using each semester to your subject librarian, regardless of if the book is in the library or you have used it in previous semesters.


Please find the instructions for creating packages in the LibGuides or contact your Subject Librarian.


How can I order e-books?


Faculty are encouraged to use e-books when possible. There are a variety of electronic products that are available, such as e-textbooks, case studies, and online access codes. Each of these items is acquired slightly differently and the order still takes time to process.


To request an e-product, please send a Directum Memo from the School or Research center’s Dean or Vice-Dean to the NULITS General Director, Upusheva G.E. In the Directum Memo, please:


a. Specify all available data, such as: title, author, ISBN, and publisher;


b. Indicate which department is making the request;


c. How long is the item is needed – such as, for two weeks or two semesters – and how many students need access;


d. Include the Internet link for the E-book or access code.


e. If available, include a price quote.


Administrative staff in your school or research center should be able to help with writing the Directum Memo. Please contact your Subject Librarian for specific details about your request.


My textbooks haven’t arrived in time, what can I do?


If you have ordered a textbook that has not arrived and you have a personal copy, it is possible to scan the material for your students to access. Please note, due to copyright restrictions scanned books will be available on the library portal in read-only format. If your textbooks are delayed, please do not hesitate to contact your Subject Librarian to find a solution for your students.


My question wasn’t answered.


If we haven’t answered your question, please come by the 2nd or 3rd floor of the library, call us at (+7 (7172) 70-62-55) or email (library@nu.edu.kz).