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Library report

Executive Summary

The library collection was developed "from scratch". In just a year, the library formed a very good academic collection of basic resources. Keeping the balance between print and electronic resources, the Library provides access to 41 full-text scientific databases with millions of articles from thousands of high-ranking journals, some of which are new to Kazakhstan and Central Asia. More than 70,000 e-books are available to library patrons. In 2011, we recorded 36,890 visits from readers. We had a total circulation of 17,007 books, with 2893 textbooks issued for the fall semester of 2011. During the year we conducted over 42 training sessions on information literacy and the use of electronic resources. We also built an effective means of communication through Facebook and Twitter. In September 2011 we implemented a library committee with each school’s participation, and a university library committee for comprehensive advisement of the library. The first stage of development successfully met our original goals. Now the continued development of staff, collections, and services is going forward according to the second stage plan.  Development of the I.T. infrastructure included book scanners, RFID, self-service book check-out, and improvements to the online library management system. Library staff actively improved skills with participation in online webinars, staff training sessions, and conferences in Kazakhstan and abroad. A printing center was setup and construction began on a monorail book delivery system. Several problems existed that had solutions designed: Staff development, unauthorized removal of books, and long fill times for book orders. The budgets of I.T. and Library were merged into a new entity, “Nazarbayev University Library and I.T. Services” (NULITS). These goals were met, and a new library development plan for 2012 - 2014 was approved.