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Library rules

1.    General Provisions

1. These Terms of Use of the Library of Autonomous Organization of Education “Nazarbayev University” (hereinafter - the Rules) are developed in accordance with legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, internal documents of the University and its organizations, and the Charter of the Institution.

2. Rules govern the general procedure for organizing the service of the Patrons of the Library of Autonomous Organization of Education “Nazarbayev University” (hereinafter - the Library) which is run by a Private Institution “Nazarbayev University Library and IT Services” (hereinafter – Institution).

3. The Library provides Patrons free access to print and electronic collections.

4. The Library collection is property of the University, and is provided for public use only in accordance with these Rules.

2. Basic Terms

5. In the Rules, the following terms and definitions are applied:

1) Directorate of the Library - a structural unit of the Private Institution “Nazarbayev University Library and IT Services” responsible for ensuring the proper operation of the Library;

2) students - the persons studying in Centre for Preparatory Studies or Schools of the University;

3) Library collection – set of documents of various purposes and status, organizationally and functionally interconnected, be taken into account, acquisition, storage and use in order to ensure the learning process and (or) the scientific activities of the University: printed publications and unpublished documents (books, pamphlets, periodicals, maps and art publications, dissertations, abstracts, etc.), audiovisual documents (audio documents, video documents, photo documents, documents on microform), electronic documents (electronic documents on removable media, local access network documents, remote access network documents);

4) library materials - books and other printed products, periodicals, multimedia publications, and other materials from the Library collection;

5) library account – account of Patron in library information system, which allows the Patron to get library materials for use outside the library;

6) ID card - personal electronic card that allows access to the buildings of the University and on jobs;

7) Electronic resources (e-resources) – resources that include electronic journals, electronic books, audio and visual materials available through databases.

8) University – the autonomous organization of education “Nazarbayev University”

9) The University Alumni - students who have completed program in undergraduate, graduate, “Doctor of Medicine” and PhD of the University.

3. Library Patrons

6. Library Patrons (hereinafter – Patron) include:

1) the University faculty;

2) students;

3) employees of the University and its organizations located on the University campus;

4) staff and students of educational institutions and organizations that signed a corresponding contract;

5) the University Alumni;

6) persons not listed in subclauses 1) – 5) of this clause, with permission of the Directorate of the Library, including, but not limited to: short-term visitors attending the University for seminars, conferences, and meetings; former University employees (including faculty) who worked at the University for not less than 1(one) academic year; other persons visiting the Library individually;

7. The Library includes the following categories of Patrons:

1) Permanent Patrons;

2) Temporary Patrons;

8. Permanent Patrons are the persons in subclauses 1) - 3) of clause 6, above.

9. Temporary Patrons are persons in subclauses 4) - 6) of clause 6, above.

10. Temporary Patrons can get consultations of librarians, use library materials without the right to use library account.

Library Patrons, listed in subclause 5) of clause 6 of the Rules, will have access to Electronic resources within one calendar year from the graduation date, using logins and passwords at the library portal.

Permanent Patrons have the right:

1) to borrow library materials on library account;

2) to receive remote electronic services of the Library after logging on the Library portal.

4. Entering the Library

11. For Permanent Patrons, ID card is used as a library card at the Library. Patron is responsible for all the library materials that are registered on the ID card.

12. To enter the Library as a Temporary Patron, persons listed in subclause 4) of clause 6 of the Rules should present ID card “Visitor” if available, persons listed in subclause 6) of clause 6 of the Rules should present identity document and a letter from the place of work or study listing the objectives and essential subjects of their research. Temporary Patrons indicated in subclause 5) of clause 6 of the Rules, should present their ID card.

5. Patron Rights

13. Patrons are entitled to:

1) receive library materials in procedures described in section 9 of the Rules;

2) reproduce printed information in electronic (including digital) form (USB removable media, CD/DVD, digital cameras, etc.) and photocopying in accordance with section 11 of the Rules;

3) use library, reference and information services, other services rendered by the Library;

4) use full-text documents from the own or acquired electronic databases and electronic catalog of the Library by reading the document from the screen or printed on a printer with a permit under copyright compliance;

5) participate in public councils, clubs and activities organized by the Library;

6) receive specialized training, teaching independent work with the electronic catalog, scientific full-text databases and other electronic services;

7) use notebooks, personal computers, handheld scanners, mobile devices for reading books, and other similar equipment in the reading rooms in accordance with the Rules;

8) appeal the decision of librarian, taken in accordance with the Rules, to the Directorate of the Library.

6. Duties of Patrons

14. Patrons must:

1) comply with requirements of the present Rules;

2) handle the Library materials with care, avoid making marks, tearing and creasing pages, not damage the surface of multimedia carriers;

3) avoid taking materials from the Library without registration on ID card or without the appropriate journal entries made by the librarian;

4) take good care of ID card, not transfer ID card to another person;

5) avoid damaging computer equipment and other equipment of the Library; take good care of library furniture;

6) return library materials on time;

7) not to violate the balance of open access Library collections;

8) look at materials before borrowing and report any damage found to the librarian; otherwise, the last Patron who borrowed the item is responsible for any damage;

9) return all materials checked out on their account by the end of an academic year, or if leaving the University (because of expulsion, taking a semester off, or any other reason) by the persons studying at the University;

10) not bring overcoats, hats, briefcases, handbags and the like into the Library; Directorate of the Library is not responsible for things left in the entrance to the Library;

11) avoid carrying food, open-container liquid, or pets into the Library;

12) be quiet, maintain cleanliness and order;

13) not smoke, use chewing gum, talk on a cell phone in the reading room (rooms for a conversation on the phone are located in the halls of the Library, called Phone zones);

14) not reserve places and hold books for other Patrons;

15) inform librarians about any change of the contact details.

7. Responsibilities of Patrons

15. Patrons who damage the Library collection bear material and other responsibility in accordance with legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

16. If books or other materials from the Library collection are lost or damaged, the Patron is obliged to replace them, respectively, by the same products or equivalent works.

17. If it is impossible to replace lost and damaged books or other materials, the Patron must reimburse the cost.

18. If the Patron refuses to compensate the loss, the Directorate of the Library takes appropriate action for damages.

19. If after three reminders, the Patron does not return library materials, he/she loses the right to use the Library materials.

20. If the Patron removes books from the Library building without borrowing properly, he/she loses the right to use the Library for 6 (six) months.

21. For violation these Rules, the Patrons may be deprived of the right to use the Library for up to 4 (four) months.

8. Rights and responsibilities of the Library in service for Patrons

22. The Directorate of the Library has a right to:

1) require Patrons to the provisions of the Rules;

2) deprive the Patron right to take library materials on library account in case of failure to return library materials on time;

3) in case of repeated violations of the Rules, the Directorate of the Library has the right to deprive the violators the right to use the Library without the right recovery.

23. The Directorate of the Library is obliged to provide in the Library:

1) high standards of service Patrons;

2) Patrons service in accordance with the Rules;

3) inform the Patrons about all kinds of services provided by the Library;

4) the opportunity to use all the collections of the Library;

5) comfortable environment for the Patron in the Library;

6) study and the most complete satisfaction of Patrons requests;

7) proper view when issuing library materials to Patrons on detecting any defects and corresponding marks when found on material issued to or returned by the Patron;

8) familiarizing the Patron with the Rules when joining the Library;

9) monitoring the return to the Library of library materials issued;

10) timely notification Patrons by email or by telephone about the need to return library materials to the Library after the expiration of their use;

11) use and storage of information about the Patron in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on personal data and protection;

12) improvement of library and information-bibliographic services for Patrons.

9. Use of Library materials

24. Books can be checked out for a period of 14 (fourteen) calendar days by students and employees of the University and its organizations.

Faculty and researchers may check out books for 6 (six) months and renew them one time for 6 (six) months. In this case, if after 56 calendar days from the date of initial receipt of the book received a request from another Patron, the book should be returned to the Library.

25. Students and employees of the University and its organizations can prolong above mentioned period three times by 14 (fourteen) calendar days each.

26. Simultaneously, Patron can have the following amount of books:

1) faculty – up to 25;

2) researchers of the University and its organizations – up to 10;

3) graduate students – up to 10;

4) undergraduate students – up to 5, except for the textbooks issued for the semester;

5) employees of the University and its organizations except for researchers – up to 5.

27. Library materials cannot be transferred to third parties.

28. Library materials are allowed to be taken for use in the Balcony Reading Room (floor 4) and for photocopying if they are checked out on the library account.

29. Issues of periodicals which are two issues prior to the current issue or more can be checked out to the Permanent Patrons of the Library for 3 (three) days. CDs/DVDs are issued for 3 (three) days.

30. Upon request of a professor, items used as textbooks can be issued to each student for the entire semester or academic year, depending on the length of the course. Upon completion of the course, the student must return all textbooks to the Library.

31. It is prohibited to take out of the Library at any time and without exception the following types of materials:

1) new issues of periodicals;

2) geographic maps;

3) reference materials, including encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc.;

4) other materials marked “For Reference Only”.

10. Use of equipment

32. Computers in the Library are used for searching information for academic and scientific aims. Some computers are designated only for searching the electronic catalog.

33. In case of computer failures, Patrons should refer to the librarian. Unauthorized modification of any hardware and software configurations of the computer is not allowed.

11. Copying Information

34. Reproduction of printed information in electronic (including digital) form (USB removable media, CD/DVD, digital cameras, etc.) and photocopying of documents, books, articles, and any other information relating to printed Library collections allowed in a single copy for personal purposes without generating income.

35. Patrons who use subscription electronic databases must consider limitations in terms of downloading and copying of the information provided by contractual agreements with the holders of electronic information that can be stored on electronic media. Do not copy information from electronic sources for commercial purposes.

36. The Patron has to inform the librarian about copying information to electronic media when using his/her own equipment.

12. Library Hours

37. The Library is open from Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 9:45 pm., and on Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 am to 7:45 pm.

38. During semester holidays, the Library is open from Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5:15 pm. Saturday and Sunday are days off. During holidays, the Library does not work.

13. Other conditions of Library use

39. These Rules and any changes thereto shall be displayed on bulletin boards and informative screens in the Library premises. Also, any changes to these Rules shall be available online on the main page of the Library portal.

40. All the main messages announced by the Library shall be available on the Library portal

41. The University e-mail is the primary means of communication between the Library and Patrons.

42. Patrons may orally or in writing to ask the librarian to contact them by other means, but in this case, the Library is not responsible for failure to receive important notifications by Patron.