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Nazarbayev University Library actively welcomes donations of books and funds for specific aspects of our work! The contribution of donors is invaluable in allowing the Library to acquire otherwise unaffordable resources for the benefit of our students, staff and faculty and ultimately for the country as a whole.


Under the framework of our Charter, any needed donated resource will be added to our main collection and will be made available to our patrons in perpetuity. Generations of students will remember the kindness of your bequest on reading the book in question, thanks a special bookplate pasted into every title and a special wall board listing significant donors to our collection. Also, our website will list all donors and we will publicise large donations within the University, on the Library and University websites, and where appropriate will pass details on to local news media.


Furthermore, we value your partnership and input. Once a year, you will be invited to a donor’s lunch, a round table event where your contribution will be recognised or remembered and where your input as to the potential future development of the Library will be sought. Also, we will send you regular email updates detailing the events and activities of the Library as we seek to provide an unparalleled, world-class learning resource in the heart of Central Asia.


NU Library would like to thank the following Kazakh and international publishers, academic organizations and companies for the books and other study materials they have kindly donated to us:


Almatykitap Baspasy

Balalar Adebieti

Gavin MacDougall of Luath Press

Gian Luca Bonora

Institut Direktorov

Institute of Philosophy and Political Science

Libraries of Kazakhstan Information Consortium

Omsk State University



United Nations Development Programme in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan Institute of Strategic Studies under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Exxon Mobil Kazakhstan Inc.

JSC NC “Kazakhstan temir zholy”:

"Umberto Allemandi and C" Publisher

ESMWF (European Centre for  Medium-Range Weather Forecasts)

"Aldongarov" Foundation for Cultural Development

Eurasian Energy Corporation

National Center for Space Research and Technology

Kazakh-British Technical University

Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Scientific Committee

Suomen Pankki Finlands bank


Simon and Schuster Rockefeller Center

"Kazakhstan kieli kitap ligasy" Publisher

"Yurist" Publisher

Kostanai Department of Culture

Freehand Books, Broadview Press

JSC GSM Kcell "Kazakhtelecom"

Poligon International

Manual of the American Psychological Association

Rutgers University Press

The University of Chicago Press

Central Scientific Library

Astana Medical University

Polytechnical University Press

Federal Department of Foreign Affairs

St. Petersbourg Polytechnical State University

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

National Geographic

Guests from China

SADC Switzerland

EFTA commemorative publication

International IDEA

Society of Kazakhstany Businessman

Department of Internal Policy, Astana

JSC "Neiston"

Association of Bioeducation Preservation in Kazakhstan

K. Akhmetova

Sh. Mamaserikova 

David McHutchon

Makhambet A.K.

Аndasbayev Anuar

James G.Traynham

B. Faremarzi

Аіsulu Akhmadieva

Gultas Kurmanbay

Jocelyn E.Krebs

A.A. Tasimova

Jerome Blum

Medeu Sarseke

Fethullah Gulen

Andy Spenser

Sailaukhan Auelbayeva

Kevin Braun

N.K. Kuchukova

Donald L.Smith

G. T. Meyramov

David Cronin

M. Fraunlovic

B. Baybek

A. Zhaksanova

R. Karimova

A. E. Musin

M. Zh. Burlibayev

A. K. Kopabayev

N.K. Aralbayev

A.E. Dumbayev

Zh.K. Asanova

M.B. Olliskhan

Sava Grozden

M.S. Bokayeva

D. Ismailov

K.K. Abugaliyeva

A. Laks

B.Sh. Shaikenov

E.Zh. Babakumarov

A. Zhakhanova

Mukhammad Yunus

B.D. Tmuf

Abdul Haikhan

O.B. Mukhamedzhanov

Khamit Eren

A.N. Ibrayeva

B.E. Kazbek

K.K. Abdugaliyeva

E. Buketov

L.N. Vakhrusheva

B. Balgarina

P. Toregson

W. Schmitt

Mokhamed Babelli

Abdullah al Akul

Richard L.Drake

H. Frank

Yagoob Ishaq

A.A. Beysembayeva

Z. S. Zhumadilov

Even a seemingly small donation can make a huge difference to our patrons and the future of your country! If you would like further details on donating to the Library, then please do not hesitate to contact the Library Director, Aliya Sarsembinova asarsembinova@nu.edu.kz.