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Library Assistants

NU Library would like to express its gratitude to the volunteers who devote their personal time to improvement of service of the university library. Our volunteers are NU students who work at the library about 5 to 10 hours per week and help librarians in such tasks as computer lab maintenance, classification and arrangement of library collections, digitization of materials, user registration and issue of books. Thanks to their excellent knowledge of English and active involvement in University life, they can also conduct library excursions for foreign guests and delegations. Finally, volunteers are the crucial link between the library and other students. They help their classmates in finding necessary materials and assist the librarians in researching the patrons’ demand for books and electronic resources. 


Working in the library is beneficial to volunteers as well. While spending their time here they acquire useful skills and communicate with people with different backgrounds. All of this will be useful for them in their future professional lives and in choosing their career paths. Some volunteers already continue their work at the library as paid part-time employees.


Here is what our student assistants say about their experience.


Madina Satayeva

"I used to spend the whole days in the library studying during my first years in the university. And I have never noticed how it really works: how piles of returned books end up where they are supposed to be, why there is a huge queue for the textbooks in the beginning of each semester, and what librarians do. Now I do. Moreover, I know what a hard job it can be sometimes. Thus, I respect every person working in the library, and I am proud to be a part of such a welcoming, friendly, supporting and hard-working team."

Madina Satayeva, Biology Sophomore Student
School of Science and Technology



Karina Tapinova


"I dreamt about many professions in my childhood. I wanted to be a cosmonaut in the kindergarten, I wanted to be a translator during my school years (as I studied in a linguistic gymnasium), I wanted to be a musician, and now I want to be a doctor. It may sound unbelievable, but in my childhood, I also really wanted to be a librarian. I liked reading so much, that my parents punished me for reading fiction instead of studying. That is why I began to read in the restroom. Of course, my parents noticed it. And I began dreaming about working as a librarian. I was dreaming about long shelves of books, which would surround me. I was dreaming about reading for my pleasure.

Now I work as a librarian assistant. Initially I didn’t even imagine that the library would turn into my home. The work as a librarian assistant gave me more than just a salary and employment history in my resume. It gave me new friends, new experiences, and an approach to all the fresh news in the library. I work on the third floor, and, as my major is biomedicine, I always know about the arrival of the newest books on medicine. I also keep track on the arrival of fiction books.  Sometimes we have little parties with librarians, and each time they surprise me by disclosing different sides of their personalities. Once we even went to the concert together.

My childish dreams are coming true. I have been playing violin since 2001, piano since 2002 and guitar since 2008. I became a member of a rock band two years later. I also work as a translator in a translations company. I really want to be a doctor. And even though my health wouldn’t permit me to be a cosmonaut, there are my friends, hobbies, and a strong desire for fresh and stimulating experiences, which altogether make me feel high."


Karina Tapinova

School of Science and Technology