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AuthorThurlow, Steven
TitleFocusing on IELTS:listening and speaking skills
Other authorO'Sullivan, Kerry
Type of publicationBooks
Physical description IX, 206 p. : ill. ; 28 cm.
Publisher 2nd ed., Macmillan, 2011
Сall numberPE1128 .T48 2011
Location3rd floor
SubjectInternational English Language Testing System
English language study
English language examinations
GenreTextbooks/Оқулықтар/Учебная литература
Summary"Focsusing on IELTS: listening and speaking skills, second edition, contains practical, in-depth strategies for developing listening and speaking skills in preparation for the IELTS examination. Ideal for independent study or class use, it has been designed for students who need to focus on specific test skills."-- Book cover
ContentsHow to use this book – Acknowledgements --
Listening skills and strategies summary --
Speaking skills ad strategies summary --
Unit 1: Listening --
1.1 What is the Listening Test? --
1.2. Test-taking steps --
Be prepared – Focus your eyes and ears --
Guess --
Manage your time --
Write accurately --
Know what to expect --
1.3. Getting to know the test --
Multiple-choice questions --
Short-answer questions --
Sentence completion questions --
Form/note/summary /flow-chart/table completion questions --
Labeling a diagram/plan/map --
Matching questions --
1.4. The listening strategies and skills you need – Managing the flow of information --
Listening for specific information --
Focusing on more than one question --
Matching the meaning --
Understaning what speakers are saying --
Understanding vocabulary --
Guessing --
Recognising meaning through pronunciation --
Understanding what speakers are doing --
Giving information: times, dates, numbers and letters --
Describing procedures and processes --
Describing objects --
Explaining cause and effect --
Making comparisons --
Classifying --
Arguing a viewpoint --
Describing problems and solutions --
Telling a story --
1.5. Developing and independent study program --
Identifying your needs --
Improving your general listening --
Practising for specific sections --
Practising specific strategies and skills --
Exercises for study partners --
1.6. Practice IELTS listening --
Unit 2: Speaking: 2.1 What is speaking test? --
Test-taking tips --
Speak as much as you can --
Speak at a reasonable volume and speed --
Make a good impression --
Know what to expect --
Don’t panic if asked about an unfamiliar topic --
Don’t memorise --
Try to relax --
2.3. Getting to know the test --
Part 1. Introduction and interview --
Part 2. Individual long turn --

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