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TitleAlternative careers in science:leaving the ivory tower
Other authorRobbins-Roth, Cynthia
Type of publicationBooks
Physical description xii, 301 p. ; 23 cm.
Publisher 2nd ed., Elsevier Academic Press, © 2006
Сall numberQ149.U5 .A66 2006
Location2nd floor
BibliographyIncludes index
career changes
vocational guidance
GenreScientific literature/Ғылыми әдебиет/Научная литература
SummaryMany science students find themselves in the midst of graduate school or sitting at a lab bench, and realize that they hate lab work! Even worse is realizing that they may love science, but science (at least academic science) is not providing many job opportunities these days. What's a poor researcher to do!?This book gives first-hand descriptions of the evolution of a band of hardy scientists out of the lab and into just about every career you can imagine. Researchers from every branch of science found their way into finance, public relations, consulting, business development, journalism, an
ContentsA scientist gone bad : how I went from the bench to the boardroom / Cynthia Robbins-Roth --
Technical writing : making sense out of manuals / Clayton R. Randall (second edition updated by Cynthia Robbins-Roth) --
Science writing : communicating with the masses / Sue Goetinck Ambrose --
Creating a publishing empire : how I gave up academic and became an entrepreneurial editor / Roger Longman --
Business information services : providing the data for industry / Mark D. Dibner --
Becoming a venture capitalist / Deepa Pakianathan --
Investment banking : dreams and reality / Peter Drake (second edition updated by Cynthia Robbins-Roth) --
How I became an analyst : science-based investment advising / Mary Ann Gray --
Entrepreneur and company founder : starting your own company and surviving / Ron Cohen --
Business development : making deals with science / Ronald Pepin --
The growth of a manager : from pure research to policy administration / Philip W. Hammer --
Regulatory affairs : keeping product development on track / Elizabeth D. Moyer
Patent law careers : protecting the intellectual property of science / Alexandra J. Baran --
Entering biomedical and scientific consulting / Robert Roth --
Sales and marketing : so you want to sell? / Erin Hall Meade --
From doing research to moving research : my life in tech transfer / Paula Szoka --
Corporate communications : helping companies sell their stories / Tony Russo --
Executive search : the hunt for exceptional talent / Bente Hansen --
Consultant to the stars : advising CEOs for fun and profit / Carol Hall --
Biomedical consultant : specializing in technology assessment, strategic planning, and grant writing / Gail Schechter --
Science and public policy : translating between two worlds / David Applegate --
Economic development advisor : building a biotech industry for an entire country / Gina Lento --
Government agencies : directing science in the military / Genevieve Haddad --
Appendix : information resources about alternative careers for scientists / Cynthia Robbins-Roth
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